Meet The Owner

Heather C. Mitchell

Heather is a proud graduate of Kenneth Shuler Schools of Cosmetology. She’s a licensed cosmetologist and master wax specialist. Heather has worked in the waxing industry for over 4 years. She’s worked for various waxing companies throughout the United States and has received training from some of the top tiers in hair removal. Heather specializes in facial waxing, body waxing, sugar hair removal, eyebrow/eyelash tinting, and makeup applications. Heather believes in not only providing excellent service, she feels that it is vital to educate her clients on the “why” behind the service. Heather believes that waxing doesn’t have to be a painful experience every time; so she has developed a three step prep, post, & heal system that will leave clients feeling rejuvenated after every experience. Despite her glorious resume, Heather takes pride in being your typical girl-next-door. She is a proud army wife and lifestyle blogger.

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